Meet TR303

We design beautiful, simple and highly functional apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Stylish mobile apps that concentrate on promoting, marketing and elevating individuals and businesses to be the best at what they do. We assist brands in making their unique voice's visible through professional, eye catching mobile branding with silent but booming, straight to the screen, push notifications.

As a team of creative technologists, our job is to take your ideas and make them greater. Equal parts product management, design, and app development ensure a product that looks and functions better than you could have expected.

We love our work and it shows.


Who we work with

Smitten With The Furniture Refinishing Industry we Strive To Deliver The Coolest Products & B2B Support To The Trade.

We also work in fashion, music, art, retail and talent, and especially enjoy working with clients looking to stand out. We want you to get noticed, team 303 embrace working with creative futuristics who are putting themselves out there, as part of their work.

Collaboration is what we thrive on, just as you are shopping for the right development team, we are also shopping for the right clients and projects. If there is a mutual fit, we're excited to see your face when you see the results that we can bring to your business.

We look forward to meeting you! X

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Need a little push?

We integrate mobile app analytics and push notifications into our mobile apps, this is a proven way to drive deeper user engagement and increase mobile customer retention.

This means you can focus your marketing on smart audience targeting and easily create personalized in-app messages which will lead to increased time spent in your app.

Provan to increase brand loyalty and generate more mobile revenue.

Every app needs a little push. Push it good!

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Push notifications

Push messages give your app a voice. They're a terrific way to communicate with your mobile audience, direct to their smartphone.

  • An in-app message, is an alert sent to a mobile user who has opted in to receive push.
  • 87% of time spent on smartphones is in apps.
  • Push messaging is now the preferred channel to increase user retention rates and app engagement.

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Mobile users are always on the move. Our built in, in-app messaging allows you to send targeted push messages to users based on their location.

  • Connect with your mobile customers within a specified radius of any location, at any point of time.
  • Sending push notifications to mobile users in close proximity to your business premises is a tried and tested way of increasing footfall.
  • Engage your users, fans followers based on where they are and where they have been..... mobile marketing at its best!

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Mobile analytics

When it comes to understanding your mobile audience, our real-time statistics give you the marketer, everything you need to know about how users are interacting with your mobile app.

Real-time information on:

  • App opens.
  • Time spent in app.
  • Average session time.
  • Peak app usage times.

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